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Turkey-The Dream of those that love history

Greece Turkey Tours are the dream of anyone who loves history, archaeology and the ancient world. There is so much to see and so much to visit that one is afraid one will not have enough time to see all and soak in all that is contained.

Turkey Tourism includes Ahlat is a cemetery from the Sekjuk era. It also offers a breaktaking view of the mountains and Turkey's largest lake, Lake Van. Nemru's peak is a mausoleum to the king as well as a temple to the Gods. This in addition offers a beautiful view of the south eastern Anatolia. Akdamar is an island which housed the Armenian palace in days gone by and one can still see the ruins of the cathedral there alongwith the snow capped mountains and a gorgeous lake. Five miles from Mardin, is the Deyrulzafaran monastery which was a sun temple before it was converted to a roman citadel and then the Syrian Orthodox church.

The biblical frescoes and mosaics of the Sumela monastery makes the hour long trek worth it. Uchisar pottery is as famous as the fact that it overlooks the fairy chimneys. The climb of Mount Ararat to see the wooden shell of the ark built by Noah almost makes it worth the climb. Ephesus which was built by the Greeks, conquered by the ancient romans and then rebuilt by the Byzantines are the best preserved of all ancient sites.

Trips to Turkey

The trips to Turkey for those that like religion, are never complete without visiting Sanliurfa. It is said to be the birthplace of the prophet Abraham and Konya is the place where the tomb of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi is. He is one of the most revered of poets and philosophers as well as the founder of the order of Sufi Mevlevi.

For food lovers, Turkey boasts of more than fifty types of kebabs and their Kahvalti or breakfast is to die for.

One can visit sites or read about all there is to do and visit in Turkey before going there as there are a number of places which are unique and a must to visit and there are chances when you do not find more info you will tend to miss these places as you will not know about them in advance and so will not plan them in the itinerary and therefore lose out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

 Turkey tour packages

these are great for those that want guided tours rather than going to the country and doing the research as well as finding out everything by themselves. The Turkey tours from Istanbul generally work this way

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